Nowadays, a virtual meet-up or remote conference doesn’t sound half as strange as the Picturephone, which made its debut back in 1964. In fact, a video call is as familiar as a classic phone call. But the latest video conferencing cameras are certainly far from ordinary; they can strengthen relationships, facilitate face-to-face business communication and connect teachers to students. 

To help you navigate the multitude of video conferencing cameras, we look at three video conferencing cameras best suited to the different tiers of business – read on to learn more.








1. Huddle Room Camera: Casual to Small Business 

Whether you’re a freelancer or own a start-up, a video conference camera can improve your business. One-on-one calls and small team meetings are certainly better in person; even more so when you want to grow relationships or hire a new employee.

With a virtual meeting, you can pick up on body language, expressions and gestures and let the other person see your own. What’s more, clear and crisp video quality will also give you a confidence boost.

A few of the key features of a Small Conference Camera include:

  • 4K Ultra HD

  • Up to 4x zoom
  • 120° Field of View
  • Pan and tilt functionality 
  • Tripod fixture points
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.8m  
  • Camera weight: 0.622kg (Compact and portable)
  • Compatible with meeting applications 

Our Favourite Feature: The wide field of view (FOV) that captures the whole team. This is especially useful if you and your team are near the camera or in a huddle room, which often necessitates a wide-angle camera. 

2. Adaptive Video Camera: Conferencing to Collaboration 

Medium and growing companies have an increased need for continual correspondence, brainstorming sessions and more client meetings. And while maintaining professional communication is crucial, so too is upholding a faultless company image. One way to do just that is with exceptional technology – no screen freezes or blurry video feeds.

A conference camera with high image resolution and frames per second rate eliminates the possibility of distraction from the topic at hand – be it internal or external business communication to vendors, clients, or employees.  

A few of the key features of a Medium Conference Camera include:

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Up to 16x zoom
  • 86° Field of View 
  • ±160° pan 
  • +90° and -30° tilt
  • SmartFrame and autofocus
  • Remote control 
  • 10 camera presets
  • Minimum focus distance: 1m
  • Camera weight: 1.5kg
  • Compatible with meeting applications 

Our Favourite Feature: Autofocus and Smartframe help a video conferencing camera to move swiftly and soundlessly to bring all attendees in clear view. With these features, the camera can tilt up or down, pan and zoom without blurring the image.

3. Professional Camera: Large Conference to Lecture Hall

Even established companies need to regularly check in on their whole team. An all-hands meeting is a sure way to update every employee on the latest developments within the company. Often these forums could mean a multitude of people gather, as many that could fill an auditorium, as well as team members who attend virtually. 

For this reason, it’s sensible to have an all-encompassing video conferencing solution, such as the Microsoft Teams-certified VC520 Pro, on hand. Low light technology and smart applications can ensure the footage is clear and problems, should they occur, are solvable in seconds. These apps include PTZApp and EZLive, which enable firmware upgrades, camera control, annotating, screenshots, live streaming and recording.

A few of the key features of a Mid-to-Large Conference Camera include:

  • Low-light 2M pixel sensor (Sony) 
  • Up to 18x zoom
  • 82° Field of View
  • ±170° pan
  • +90° and -30° tilt
  • SmartFrame
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • IR remote controlled
  • Tripod fixture points
  • Minimum focus distance: 1.5  
  • Camera weight: 1.47kg
  • Compatible with meeting applications 

Our Favourite Feature: The wide dynamic range (WDR) that adjusts and balances the light value of the imagery so that it is free from hard contrasts and dark spots.  

Video Conferencing Cameras and Accessories for Every Avenue

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