Little do people know projectors can serve more than movie lovers and presentations. In fact, it can turn a night, day or weekend into something special. From exploring your artistic side to indulging in game time, a projector opens the way to a few unexpected but immersive activities. Read on for projector uses you surely never thought about until now.

1. Supersize Gaming with Projectors

Projectors not only provide audiences with expansive viewing, but they can also maximize the virtual playing field. Whether you’re into first-person, massive multiplayer or co-op games, gameplay will be even more fun with a larger viewing platform. Moreover, it also means no more squinting at a screen and more supersized amusement. 

A standard projector can work with a wide range of inputs thanks to various ports. All you need for a home gaming lounge is a blank wall or projector screen, a connecting cable and your console. If the mood strikes, even your smartphone’s games can see the big screen.

2. Create a Cheery Holiday Display

Did you know projectors can even help decorate for the holidays? You can change decorations on a whim, host a family-sized movie night or have a fireworks’ show without upsetting the pups. You can also transform your home’s exterior walls or garage into a customised festive scene that outshines holiday lights. Additionally, you can use rear projection mode to create a Santa in the window or other semi-opaque surfaces. 

Instead of watching big events, like the new year’s countdown, on a TV screen, live stream it with a projector. You’ll not only get to see the fireworks up close, but it will eliminate noise pollution as well as create a cheery atmosphere in your home.  

3. Streamline Foodie Fun

Ever planned to cook a tasty meal and then wound up having to unlock your phone every two minutes to see the recipe? Or worse, a splash of oil made its way from the pan onto your smartphone? Well, no more. Set up a projector to display the entire recipe on a wall or even the refrigerator door. With creative use of technology in the kitchen, you can whip up yumminess in no time while keeping phones out of harm’s way. 

4. Assist Arty Creations

Projectors can provide more than entertainment. In fact, it can encourage the artist within by acting as a trace assist. Display the image you want to paint on a wall (for a mural) or a large canvas and start your artwork. As a fun activity, you can use projector art as a family, community or school project. Not only will it help children strengthen their creativity and self-expression, but it can also give something like a school exterior beautiful personality.

5. Bring Back Night-Time Stories

Every bedtime story can be a special event with projectors and next-to-no effort. Setting up is easy. First, use a projector that can display from a distance of 1-12m, day or night, and place it on the bedside table. Second, connect your laptop or kindle and select your e-book. Then, lastly, get into character and start reading. 

Blowing up graphic novels or children’s books can certainly spark young minds in literature once more. However, if stories are not their or your thing, enlarge easy kids’ games on a tablet or smartphone screen. Even teenagers can enjoy this feature, especially if they love comics.

Considering Your Own Projectors?

Fun activities are a switch away with a little help from technology. If you want to explore projectors from a brand you can trust, look no further. Browse our projectors and screens online or get in touch for help on finding your match.