Gone are the days of bulky single use devices. Now, versatile compact tech reigns supreme, and thankfully so! Take the Bluetooth speakerphone, for instance, never has it been smaller, more effective or more suitable to so many environments – even the great outdoors and auditoriums are no challenge for this modern audio solution. 

Discover just how pragmatic and useful these little gadgets can be, and why they are fast becoming such a commodity in both professional and casual environments.


Simulate In-Person Audio Quality with a Bluetooth Speakerphone

Online conferences and virtual meetings are certainly not new practices, but they have become an everyday occurrence for many of us. Yet, they often come with niggles like sound glitches. These can disrupt sentences and lead to misunderstandings, frustration and miscommunication. The good news is, you can avoid audio quality problems by setting up a speakerphone in the centre of a group conference. Moreover, you’ll also ensure everyone is included and heard. 

With advanced noise suppression, echo cancellation and microphone technology, most Bluetooth speakerphones are compatible with any smart device that has a Bluetooth connection. Another plus is the range in prices for this type of technology; they are not exclusive to large corporations with big budgets but are perfectly manageable for small businesses too. 


Venture Outdoors with Borderless Sound

Here is where the Bluetooth speakerphone really takes the cake. That same device that carries your voice through many online business meetings will also accompany you to the campfire or pool-side barbeque. With practical designs that allow a Bluetooth range from 3 to 10m and extended battery life, these devices make great social companions. 

Their compact design also makes them easy to pack and generally quite sturdy to take on the road – perfect for team building activities under the open skies. In fact, you could quite easily go from business to braai in a few swipes on a smartphone. 


Bring the Magic of Smart Audio Home

You can also upgrade your old home sound system with a Bluetooth speakerphone or two by purchasing a Bluetooth adaptor for your TV or tablet. There is more than one strategy, and it will depend on which ports are available on your system. Family Handy Man’s detailed guide on how it works can help you initiate your smart audio at home. 

If you run a small business from home, a Bluetooth speakerphone can also help bring the team together in two important ways. Firstly, everyone attending the virtual meetings can speak normally, knowing the microphone will pick up what they say. Secondly, the clarity in sound sent and received will simulate the clearness of a face-to-face meeting.    


Considering the All-in-One Audio Solution? 

The variety of Bluetooth speakerphones available can make finding the one most suitable to your needs daunting. Fortunately, a glance at Rolling Stone’s tips on what to consider can help and so can we. 

Browse through our selection of Bluetooth speakerphones or contact us for complete assistance in finding just what’s right for your team.