Companies – big and small – are facing some of the most challenging times of the last century. Keeping up with changes, restrictions and regulations brought about by 2020 has made getting back to business as usual troublesome for most. 

Luckily, advancements in modern technology can assist with the adjustment and even improve normal operations. The auto tracking camera is one such piece of tech. Discover how investing in one can help your company not adapt, but also thrive in our rapidly changing world.

1. It Allows for More Engaging Presentations 

One of the most outstanding features of an auto tracking camera is, as its name implies, the ability to track your movement around the room. Unlike with traditional cameras, you gain access to a far wider scope of vision. Moreover, the presenter can move around freely, write on a whiteboard or refer to a graph nearby, all while the camera smoothly follows and records every movement.

No longer do online presentations or meetings have to consist of a close-up of your face, with you fixedly staring at the camera. Now it can be much more natural and meaningful, helping everyone in attendance get the most out of the interaction.

2. It Extends Your Company’s Reach

So you have a meeting with a potential client and want to make a good impression. The only problem: they’re located halfway across the globe and restrictions still make travelling abroad a hassle. This is where an auto tracking camera can save the day.

Similar to how the latest tech benefits higher education by reaching students beyond the classroom, an auto tracking camera can allow business growth beyond a local scale. With one of these little cameras, you can take part in online meetings, workshops and more, all while remaining in perfect focus. That means you can confidently sign clients knowing your image will be of highest quality.

3. You’ll Cut Costs

Simply put, an auto tracking camera is easy to set up and control. You won’t have to hire a professional videographer or highly skilled IT technician to operate it. There’s no need to build an entire control room either. That’s thanks to auto tracking technology taking all of the nitty-gritty functionality out of your hands. All you need to do is follow the easy setup instructions and you’re ready to go.

AVer, a class leader in the development and manufacturing of visual collaboration and education technology tools, points out in their blog post that the PTC500S camera is “especially intuitive.” It features built-in interface tutorials that make getting it up and running a breeze. Even your company’s most technologically challenged individual can master using this piece of equipment.

Help Your Company Thrive by Investing in an Auto Tracking Camera

By using auto tracking cameras at your company, you could reach new heights and leave lasting impressions online. At PPM Audio Visual, we stock only the highest quality to ensure reliable performance and results. 

Browse through our selection of auto tracking cameras and accessories that could revamp your digital presence or contact us for assistance in finding the solution perfect for your business.