Our modern-day lives can be incredibly fast-paced, with information constantly coming at us from several sources. This overload of information often makes it difficult to captivate an audience. Whether you are teaching a class online or delivering a presentation in a boardroom, presenters have to overcome the challenge of maintaining attendees’ attention for an extended period of time. To assist you with making your online sessions more entertaining, AVer has developed the innovative M11-8MV visualiser.

This compact camera has a wide range of motion and can be positioned to record a presenter from various angles. The flexible arm enables the user to record documents and objects from a top-down point of view. This essentially provides the audience with a first-person point of view of what is being recorded. Viewing documents or three-dimensional objects in this way can help the audience to engage with what is being presented. Instead of having a static camera that only records from one angle. The smart swivel head of the camera can rotate 180-degrees and presenters can easily change the angle of the camera to direct the audience’s attention to something else. 

Device Capabilities  

The AVer M11-8MV’s camera is able to capture crystal clear images and record crisp videos in full HD. The camera has a large shooting area and can capture an area the size of an A3 paper, allowing you to present bigger objects with ease. The 20X digital zoom capability allows the device to focus on the smallest details or capture objects that are further away. This device is connected- and powered by the same USB cable and can be set up in seconds. 

No software installation is required and the M11-8MV supports integration with all the major conferencing applications. An HDMI connection allows the user to connect the device to an external display, giving you the ability to project everything you are recording onto larger screens. The built-in microphone captures high-quality audio in the room and no additional mic is required. 

PPM Audio-Visual is a proud supplier of AVer products to the South-African market. We stock a wide range of innovative products powered by the latest video-conferencing technology. Get the AVer M11-8MV at the best price and transform the way you interact online. Feel free to browse our website for more information or view our product offering to find the perfect device for you!