Your recording equipment can significantly impact the quality of your presentations. This is especially true for online presentations, but presenters are also able to make their real-world presentations more engaging by using specific devices. The AVer M5 Visualiser is one such device that promises to transform your boardroom, classroom or even your home office into a more interactive space. This versatile visualiser grants you the ability to adjust the angle of the high definition camera with ease. The camera head can be positioned vertically to capture a presenter, it can also be angled horizontally to demonstrate materials and project documents to the audience. 

The sleek, foldable design of the AVer M5 Visualiser enables the user to set the device up in just about any room and capture multiple angles. The entire device weighs less than a kilogram and can be easily transported and set up wherever you require it. The device is connected to a server via a USB connection which also powers the device. This makes The AVer M5 exceptionally simple to set up and no additional software is needed to operate the device. The embedded LED light makes it possible to present documents more clearly in poor lighting conditions while the 16X zoom capability enables the user to capture the finest details. The camera has a large A3-size shooting area that should give presenters enough room to capture their actions and materials comfortably 

Designed For Distance Learning

In the digital age that we live in distance learning is becoming ever more popular. Students from around the world are able to engage with educators through the internet to study a wide variety of subjects. The AVer M5 was specifically designed with online education in mind and it seeks to create a more engaging experience for the audience. The USB plug-and-play function allows this device to be compatible with most live-video platforms without the need for any software. Any documents or models that the educator records can be projected onto students’ screens and this point of view often make it easier for students to engage with materials. Educators are able to shift the camera at any time to prevent presentations from feeling too static.    

The M5 visualiser makes use of AVer’s AI algorithm to automatically adjust and optimise images for viewing. The innovative curve flattening AI is able to correct any text that has been distorted by the contours of a book. The text is automatically aligned and presented as if it were captured from a flattened page. The Super Resolution function allows the camera to consistently capture and process high-quality images and video, even as you interact with the device. 

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