Meetings with colleagues and conferences with stakeholders can take a lot of time out of the day. This is why you want your meetings to run as smoothly as possible so that no time is wasted. When you don’t have the right conferencing equipment, you might be spending a lot of time fixing malfunctioning equipment or clarifying a miscommunication between participants. The AVer VB342+ Video Soundbar is a single device that promises to significantly increase the quality of your audio and video during online conferences to help your meetings run more smoothly.

Camera Capabilities

The AVer VB342+ is the all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized conference rooms, able to provide high-definition video feed during meetings. The 4K resolution camera will make sure that you never have difficulty identifying participants again. The camera also has a 120-degree field of view that allows you to capture larger rooms- and groups of people more easily. The VB342+ is also equipped with AVer SmartFrame technology, which is able to identify all the participants in your conference room, automatically adjusting the zoom and pan of the camera in order to fit everyone into frame.

Another impressive feature of the AVer VB342+ soundbar is the True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This function provides backlight compensation and processes high-contrast environments to balance the lighting in images. This means that you can host meetings in places with poorer lighting conditions, with the WDR function being able to automatically balance the intensity of the light. The motorised camera can be controlled with a remote to move 180 degrees horizontally and also vertically tilt up to 105 degrees.

Speaker Capabilities

AVer VB342+ conferencing soundbar is able to produce crystal clear audio through two built-in, full-range stereo speakers. The speaker setup also includes a bass port that is tuned to optimise communication by clarifying speech. The device boasts two unidirectional microphones that can pick up voices from as far as 6 metres away, making it easy to include a group of people in a discussion. These microphones have echo cancellation and background noise suppression capabilities to help conversations flow.
With AVer’s SmartSpeaker function installed, the VB342+ can make your presentation more engaging to the audience. This technology identifies speakers in the room and then tracks their voices with the camera as they move. Perfect for those meetings where participants are starting to lose interest in a presentation done on a static camera.

If you want to make your meetings more interesting, the AVer VB342+ conferencing soundbar could be the perfect fit! This device seeks to provide an all-in-one solution for your boardroom. PPM Audio-Visual is a proud supplier of AVer products in South Africa. We stock a range of AVer devices that could transform the way you engage online. Contact PPM Audio-Visual for more information on any of the products on offer or simply place your order on our website today!