We live in a time where just about all of our devices function wirelessly to keep up with our fast-paced lives. Surely no one misses the clutter of wires that used to be an unfortunate byproduct of most electronic devices in the past. Wireless conference cameras are one of the latest additions to the cable-free family, with the result being that boardrooms around the world are less messy. You no longer need a whole host of devices to have a high-quality conference on the internet. Thanks to years of innovation, one device could be all you need to capture high-definition audio and video, helping you to effectively engage with participants regardless of where they are in the world.

AVer wireless conference cameras provide you with all the benefits of a wireless device without reducing the quality of the device as a result. Great care has been taken when developing these cameras to ensure that they have the same capabilities and features as their wired counterparts. A wireless USB dongle connects the device to your computer, making the setup extremely simple to complete and allowing you to position the device anywhere in the room. This makes it easy to accommodate participants in different sized rooms or to focus on a specific area when engaging with participants online.

For many people, daily meetings are a common occurrence. Simplifying the way we conduct these conferences can help to save a lot of time and effort. And when you don’t have to struggle setting up the outdated equipment in the boardroom so you can get the angle just right, you eliminate at least one nuisance from your day! A wireless conference camera can create a more interactive environment for participants and allows the user to optimise the space they are in for the type of meeting they are hosting.

Once you have experienced the benefits of a wireless conference camera it is hard to imagine hosting meetings without it. Individuals and groups alike are able to customise the way they present their material, without having to worry about the size of the room- or the length of the connecting cable.

AVer has a number of wireless conference cameras to suit your particular setup! Whether you are accommodating groups of participants or individuals in an online session, we have a device that will help. PPM Audio-Visual is your one-stop shop for any AVer products you require. We stock the highest quality products at great prices. Contact PPM Audio-Visual today and find out more about our products offering, or browse our products page to find the right device for you.