A content camera is a specialised device that can be focused on a physical whiteboard to capture and digitise the information written on it. The camera uses image processing software that enables the user to crop and frame an analogue whiteboard in order to share the content with virtual participants in real-time. By seamlessly integrating real-world presentation methods into your online session you have a better chance of captivating your audiences both online and in person. Content cameras are specially designed to give participants a unique view of a presentation and are perfect for interactive presentations.

What Makes a Content Camera different?

Content cameras can be easily mounted onto whiteboards using a specially designed mechanical rod. This enables the user to move around the whiteboard freely while delivering a presentation and provides the audience with a unique perspective. Content cameras are able to automatically detect and frame whiteboards, allowing you to share a digitally sharpened image of its contents. These devices are also able to accommodate different camera angles and the image of the whiteboard automatically fits onto the screen.

Equipped with a wide-angle lens and digital zoom, content cameras make capturing participants and objects from a distance simple. Content cameras effectively create a virtual replica of the analogue whiteboard that presenters are using. By using this image, content cameras are able to turn presenters translucent when they are covering the whiteboard content with their bodies. This ensures that your audience does not miss out on any information and makes for an overall more engaging presentation.

The AVer Cam130 Content Camera

AVer content cameras are Microsoft Certified, which means that your content can be shared instantly over the web without having to sacrifice quality. The AVer Cam130 content camera is integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms and allows users to switch between conferencing- and content camera mode at the click of a button. This device is equipped with a 4K resolution camera that allows you to capture the finest details. Installation of this device is exceedingly simple and it can be connected to a server with a simple USB connection.

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