We live in the digital age where individuals from around the world are connected through the internet. The use of a conference room camera to conduct meetings and forums in a business has become something of a necessity in the 21st century, particularly in the past year, and has enabled many businesses to collaborate more effectively over great distances. Video conferencing equipment has become incredibly sophisticated in recent years and great strides have been made in improving the functionality of devices and developing new technology to further enhance the user experience. 

When we communicate with one another, there are many non-verbal cues that help us get our message across, especially when there is a language barrier involved. In the past, a company would have had to conduct a conference call over the telephone, which could often lead to confusion among the participants as to who is talking at any given time. In some cases, the statements of a participant may be misunderstood because other participants are not able to read into any of the speaker’s non-verbal cues when no live video feed is available. Recent studies have shown that many people feel they are able to get their message across more effectively when presenting themselves on a video feed and have experienced better communication and increased productivity because of this.

PPM Audio Visual is a proud supplier of AVer products and strives to provide products that enhance and simplify the lives of their customers. The latest conference room camera technology enables users to capture any number of participants comfortably with the use of a single camera and allows the effortless streaming and recording of video feeds in any size boardroom. These cameras are extremely easy to set up and require no special installation as a USB connection and a power cable are the only items needed to get you started. AVer cameras can be remotely controlled enabling the user to take advantage of the wide range of motion that these devices are capable of while the incredible zoom-in capabilities and wide field of vision make it possible to focus in on individuals anywhere in the room. The revolutionary SmartFrame technology is even able to track an individual speaker automatically to position and frame them using a built-in unidirectional microphone.

With an extensive range of products available on the market, it is important to choose the conference room camera that best meets you and your company’s needs. For many, these devices have proven to be a long-term investment that has completely changed the dynamics within the conference room. Visit our website for expert advice and a variety of products to take your audio and visual experience to the next level!