The modern world is characterised by constant technological advancements that seek to improve our lives in one way or another. The way we interact with one another has changed significantly in recent years and the use of technology is playing an increasingly major role in the way we communicate. Similar to the way that personal communication has been shifting online, more companies have started to conduct meetings and conferences via the internet. This has increased rapidly since 2020 where many in-person gatherings and conferences have moved to a more remote setting in order to reduce physical contact between attendees. Having the right equipment is one way to ensure that a company is able to conduct professional online meetings and conferences and one piece of equipment that is of utmost importance is an adequate conference camera.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a conferencing camera for you or your business: conference rooms often differ in their size and layout, attendees might be seated far from one another, or participants might move around and stand up for presentations during meetings. Because of this range of requirements  PPM Audio Visual stocks a wide range of AVerMedia conference cameras to meet the needs of the consumer. There are various devices available that boast an array of features and are well-suited for small, medium or large conference rooms. Smaller conference rooms might be best served by a stationary camera that offers a wide field of vision, while larger rooms might opt for a conference camera that is able to pan and move from speaker to speaker. The use of a suitable camera means that all the participants in the room can be viewed simultaneously and that none of the individuals has to be tasked with setting up their own camera.   

AVer conferencing equipment provides ease of access by eliminating unnecessary cables and making device installation extremely simple. Their conferencing cameras are specifically designed to streamline online meetings by including features such as the SmartFrame function, which automatically fits all the participants of the meeting into the frame. These cameras are remotely operated and a moderator is able to adjust the camera’s position and also zoom in and out using a remote controller. With crystal clear capturing and many cameras having 4K capabilities, it has become possible to conduct online meetings effectively and efficiently without the loss of image quality.

AVer has developed an extensive range of specialised video conference camera solutions that can meet the needs of any consumer and compatible with most cloud- and web-based conferencing applications, including Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Elegantly designed for the conference room, these devices make use of the latest technology to give your meetings a professional look. Visit our catalogue today to choose the device that best suits you!