In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of daily video conference calls around the world. Companies and individuals alike are starting to take advantage of the benefits associated with the use of a webcam in order to enhance their daily interactions with colleagues, clients and friends. Video conferencing has truly changed the way that many businesses conduct meetings and discussions. The ability to have conversations via live video feed has truly connected people around the world like never before.

Studies have revealed that daily video conferencing traffic has seen an increase of more than 500% in the last year, with many companies adopting it as their default method of communication with various stakeholders. Most people are able to communicate more effectively when they are able to see the person they are talking to and thus the use of a webcam has made it possible for many individuals to get their point across more easily than traditional communication methods would allow. Studies also show that companies have experienced an increase in productivity among employees as a result of better communication through video calls, which is an attractive prospect for any company. Many meetings that would have been attended in person are now being conducted remotely, which has dramatically reduced travel expenses for both employers and employees. 

The incredible functionality of video conferencing equipment has played a big role in the increased amount of video conferences taking place. PPM Audio Visual is a leading supplier of conferencing equipment and stocks a wide range of AVer webcams to meet your every need,  choosing the right webcam for your setup has never been this simple. An AVer webcam is extremely easy to set up and connects to your device via USB. These cameras possess high definition and 4K resolution recording capabilities with a wide field of vision to comfortably capture all the participants in any size room.  The latest in intelligent lighting technology ensures that the image always appears vibrant, regardless of lighting conditions.  A built-in uni-directional microphone with background noise suppression technology enables clear audio capturing directly to the webcam. In larger groups, audio tracking is able to precisely pick up different voices in the room and isolate specific audio if necessary. 

As humans we use an astounding amount of non-verbal cues to communicate, such as various hand gestures and facial expressions. Being able to include these non-verbal cues into our daily interactions with people from around the globe, where it was previously not possible, has enabled many to communicate more efficiently and effectively. The use of a webcam to conduct meetings remotely has almost become a necessity in our modern day lives. Take advantage of all these benefits, visit to view our product range and explore the latest in video conferencing technology.