Many of us will remember a time when a whiteboard, or even worse a chalkboard, was the best way to add a visual element to your presentation. Sadly, whether your audience is a boardroom full of shareholders, or a class of young students, it is hard to keep anyone engaged while being limited to writing on a whiteboard. Thankfully, technology evolves at a staggering pace and we have come quite far since then. We now have various devices at our disposal that are specifically designed to help us make presentations more informative and engaging for any audience, whether it be in person or during virtual conferences. Document cameras are one such device that is able to add a completely new dimension to a presentation.

What is a Document Camera?

A document camera is an image capturing device that has been designed to make it easier to display objects and documents to a larger audience. Also known as a visualiser, this device is able to capture and project images in real-time. What sets it apart from a standard webcam is that the camera is mounted on a movable arm, enabling the user to easily focus the camera on different things. When capturing objects from a top-down view, it gives the user the freedom to use their hands while the camera stays focused on whatever you are recording. This often makes for a more engaging experience, as audiences are thrust into the presenter’s point of view. 

Document cameras have been especially effective at streamlining online teaching sessions. These devices help lecturers and teachers to simulate the classroom experience for students better than ever before. Instead of struggling to read on a whiteboard, students get a close-up view of the materials that are being presented. This means that teachers are able to present coursework from a book in a way that makes students feel like they have the book right in front of them.

Although these devices are perfectly suited to capture documents, this does not mean that they are limited to this function. The moveable arm of a document camera can be adjusted to suit your needs. Whether you wish to capture something in the room or record the presenter, the high definition camera will help you put your best foot forward.

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