Virtual communication is vital to all spheres of life, from business to education to personal. Yet, we often miss the mark when getting started. Instead, be sure-footed and prepared for your online meetings with the correct video conferencing equipment. In this quick read, we delve into the essentials you need for confidence in the virtual world. 

Key Video Conferencing Equipment

Here are the main elements you need to host a successful video conference. The summary of each follows below. 

  • Smart device
  • Webcam or conferencing camera
  • Audio equipment 
  • Connecting cables
  • Projector and projector screen (Optional)

A Smart Device

First and foremost, the basis of every video conference is a smart device. Nowadays, you don’t need dozens of separate pieces to make a video call or host a virtual meeting. In fact, even a smartphone can work. That said, it’s important to ensure your device supports whatever apps and software you’ll need for your online discussions.  

Consider Different Smart Options

Whichever device you choose, keep in mind that its capabilities must align with your requirements. For instance, you can attend a video conference via your smartphone and even stream your video, albeit a pixelated and moving one. However, this is far from ideal in a business setting. With a laptop or tablet, you have access to more features as well as options to improve your audio and visual feed. 

A Reliable Webcam or Conferencing Camera

A reliable webcam or conferencing camera is the second most important part of the puzzle. Sending a high-resolution, crisp and clear video stream is vital for many reasons. For starters, it’s imperative to ensure the audience or other attendees can see whatever examples or notes you make. Moreover, a fuzzy image is not only frustrating to look at but can damage your brand image. Always put your best foot forward and leave a professional impression.

Important Conferencing Camera Features

Most smart devices have built-in cameras, but they are often low quality and have a very narrow viewing field. With an external camera, you can rest assured knowing your visual feed is top-notch. 

Aspects to consider when looking at video conferencing equipment: 

  • Room and audience size
  • Field of view range
  • Ability and range of pan and tilt
  • Focus distance
  • Zoom capability 
  • Camera weight 
  • Compatibility with meeting apps (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype) 
  • Additional features, like autofocus, SmartFrame, or remote control  

Amplifying Audio Equipment

For large conferences, you might need additional audio equipment. This can consist of a microphone and speaker or an all-in-one speakerphone. Some conference cameras have built-in speakers and microphones, but when you cater to anything bigger than a huddle room of four to five people, investing in external audio is a good bet. 

Types of audio equipment:

  • Speakerphone (combines speaker and microphone functionalities)
  • Speakers
  • Microphone

Connecting Cables

Often an afterthought, cables are the life source of virtual conferencing equipment. Without them, you essentially have your smart device and nothing more. The type of cable you need depends on how extensive your equipment range. But as a general rule, an HDMI cable is typically necessary, especially when you have an additional monitor. 

Connecting cables you might need: 

  • HDMI Cables
  • Audio Cables
  • USB Extension Cables
  • VGA Cables
  • Projector Power Cables

Optional: Projectors & Screens

Projectors and screens are necessary when your requirements outgrow a small conference room. This addition can also replace a large monitor, often providing a larger viewing pane and convenience as a projector screen could simply roll up and out of sight. To round off your setup, include a projector, projector screen and mounting brackets, and you’ll be ready for any virtual conference!

Improve Online Communication with Virtual Conferencing Equipment

With the correct gadgets, you can amplify your online presence. Need help choosing conferencing products? Contact us and our helpful team will find the solution best suited to your needs.