Many of us have become accustomed to a certain level of convenience in our modern-day lives, especially when it comes to the technology we use on a regular basis. Video conferencing equipment is no exception to this and companies are continuously looking for ways to further enhance the user experience for their customers. In order to make communications technology as easily accessible as possible, the software that consumers use should be integrated with the relevant hardware to some extent. With this in mind, the Google Meet Peripheral Qualification Program seeks to identify conferencing equipment from various suppliers that have optimum interoperability with the Google Meet application. This program consists of a set of published tests that aim to ensure that devices that receive Google Meet certification all meet the set requirements for sufficient interoperability. A good example of this is Google Meet certified cameras

When it comes to conferencing cameras and online education solutions, AVer Media is constantly looking for ways to stay at the forefront of the industry. In August this year, AVer Information Incorporated joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner. This is in order to optimise the integration between AVer equipment and the Google Meet application software. Google Meet certified cameras have seamless integration with the software and the equipment can be set up by a simple USB connection in most cases. This means that you can connect a conferencing camera to a server and have an automatic connection to Google Meet, without having to install any additional software. You can then easily interact with the camera through the application on your computer, allowing you to modify settings and control the camera during conferences for a unique and personalised experience. 

The use of Google Meet certified cameras has numerous benefits for customers. Devices will only be approved to be included on the Google Meet qualified peripheral list if they have met certain stringent requirements set out by the company. These devices have been put through a number of tests at a Google Lab and have been found to be of acceptable quality. This means that customers can rest assured that devices that have received this Google Meet certification are of high quality in terms of their software and hardware. The requirements are strict and only the highest quality devices will be able to attain the certification. PPM Audio Visual is a proud supplier of AVer Media conferencing equipment in South Africa and stocks various devices that have received Google Meet certification. We welcome you to visit our website today to find the latest conferencing technology to take your business to the next level!