Telemedicine is defined as the delivery of healthcare services through the use of electronic information and communications. This includes the use of cameras, computers and various types of conferencing equipment to facilitate communication between doctors and patients over the internet. Also referred to as telehealth, this method of performing health-related online is becoming ever more prevalent as our technological capabilities increase. As you can imagine, it is important that you have equipment that is up to the task if you wish to engage in telemedicine services. Medical cameras are specially designed for this exact task and they boast a range of features to simplify the diagnosis and treatment of patients through the use of conferencing technology.

Medical Cameras Capabilities

Let’s suppose you are in need of a diagnosis from a medical specialist before you can be admitted to a medical facility. The problem is that the specialist’s office is in another town and you would need to travel there for an appointment. Luckily your local medical centre has a medical camera, and the specialist can use this device to diagnose your ailment remotely and determine whether or not you will require further treatment.

If you wish to properly diagnose medical issues you can’t skimp on image quality and the manufacturers of medical cameras know this to be true. Anything less than a 4K resolution output might leave doctors wondering what exactly they are looking at, especially when it comes down to the finer details. These cameras also have the ability to zoom in close on specific areas without compromising on image quality.

Medical cameras can be mounted onto a ceiling or wall and can also be used as freestanding cameras. The pan and tilt function allows for more freedom of movement, with users being able to direct this movement using a remote control or a joystick. The video stream can easily be projected onto a larger screen using various connections and the device can be controlled with a computer through a USB connection.

AVer MD330U Medical Grade PTZ Camera

The AVer MD330U medical camera is in a league of its own and boasts a wide range of features that were developed with medical practitioners in mind. The AVer MD330U is medically certified for Telemedicine with an IEC 60601 Medical Certification for electric medical equipment.

Equipped with a 30X optical zoom lens and crystal clear 4K output resolution, this camera delivers exquisite image quality in different lighting environments. If you need to get up close to your patient and your device has already been mounted you need not worry. Users can simply remove the camera head of the Aver MD330U from the mount and focus the device on the desired location.

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