Having the right tools for your trade can greatly improve the quality of your work. This remains true when you are pursuing a career in online teaching. A basic camera and a computer will enable you to present your material to your learners, but it might not be as engaging as you would like. Having one camera angle to work with can cause students to lose interest and leave you struggling to present documents and finer details, forcing you to hold everything up to the camera for a closer view. Ideally, you want your virtual classroom to be as close to an in-person presentation as possible and being able to shift the student’s point of view is a good first step towards achieving this. In order to meet this need, AVer has created the M5 visualiser

The AVer M5 document camera is a compact visualiser that was specially created to improve the online teaching and distance learning experience. The device is packed full of features and is designed to be the most cost-effective visualiser available to educators. The device is exceedingly easy to set up and only requires a USB connection to operate. The innovative design allows the mechanical arm to pivot horizontally, allowing the camera to capture documents from a top-down view without interfering with an educator’s movements. The camera housing is able to rotate 360° and is also able to swivel on the mechanical arm, allowing the device to capture a presenter just as well as any document. This flexibility of movement allows for a more engaging experience during online teaching sessions. Educators can orient the camera at different angles, enabling them to present different materials more effectively. 

Once you have connected the AVer M5 visualiser to your computer, you can explore additional built-in features that could enhance your online teaching adventure. The device allows you to zoom in on specific areas, after which you are able to digitally control the camera’s movements. This means that you can read through a document with your students in a more interactive way, without having to hold anything up to the camera! With all of these functions packed into one visualiser, the AVer M5 might be the right device to spice up your virtual classroom.

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