In recent years businesses worldwide have had to rethink the way that they interface with their stakeholders in the same way that many individuals have had to change their methods of communication to one another. In order for businesses to stay at the forefront of the market it is vital to adapt as quickly as possible to this sudden shift in our social landscape caused by the global pandemic. To reduce contact between individuals, many businesses have taken advantage of advances in technology and made use of online platforms as much as possible. Conducting meetings and conferences via the internet is becoming the new norm and companies are starting to reap the various rewards of investing in infrastructure to support the shift. Setting up a meeting room controller is one way to ensure that you have the necessary equipment to conduct online conferences confidently and efficiently.   

A meeting room controller is designed to reduce the clutter in meeting rooms by providing a streamlined solution to online conferencing. To this end, the AVer CP10 has been designed with absolute ease of access in mind. The device offers a sleek design and an intuitive interface that makes it incredibly simple to schedule and moderate meetings online. Using a meeting room controller means that an online conference can be started by one simple touch on the screen, with the rest of the meeting being monitored through this device as well. The moderator will be able to interact with participants, create rooms, control camera parameters and view live video feeds all from one device, eliminating the need for extra hardware and reducing the hassle of conducting meetings online. 

Setting up the device is also exceedingly simple and it only requires one PoE cable to provide power and communicate to the server. The AVer CP10 has the added benefit of having the Zoom Rooms controller app preinstalled on the device, in other words, no additional software is needed for the meeting room controller to function. Once the controller has been successfully connected to the conferencing room’s server it can be used as an all-in-one solution to schedule and moderate meetings in that room. The conference room controller can also be mounted on the wall and kept on standby as a permanent solution in a specific room.

The AVer CP10 meeting room controller provides top of the line functionality and is compatible with AVer USB cameras to provide more functionality to the user. The device also has a beautiful 10-inch screen display with innovative antibacterial touch screen technology, designed to keep the device screen free from bacteria for the product’s entire lifetime. Streamline your meetings and promote your peace of mind with a conference room controller, visit our website today for all your Audio-Visual needs!