Hopping from one virtual meeting to another, taking calls and completing tasks can become humdrum and even isolating. It’s easy to get lost in screen time and miss the social interaction that comes with face-to-face offices and classrooms. Fortunately, you can connect, laugh and enjoy a sense of community with virtual conferencing. In fact, you can indulge in a few fun ideas to encourage personal engagement and team-building online!

Get Your Virtual Conference Moving

Sitting for hours on end has presented problems long before virtual conferencing became a necessity. And to counter this issue, many opt for sit-stand desks and other back-support options, but why not try something different and fun? Instead of a snack break, incorporate a healthy movement at the beginning and middle of your class or meeting. 

Whether you set a formal time interval between them or simply improvise, you’ll find that getting the blood flow going can increase concentration and bring some laughs around the room. It can be as simple as a series of jumping jacks or a short yoga routine easily streamed online.

Play a Game of “I Spy”

You can also adapt a road trip favourite to virtual conferences. Essentially a guessing game, “I Spy with My Little Eye” typically caters to a younger audience, but it will certainly encourage everyone to switch on their webcams. Play a few rounds and it’ll be sure to get people talking and intrigued to find the mysterious artefacts in the participant’s screen.

Show and Tell

“Show and Tell” is yet another youthful game that can be just as fun for adults. Give colleagues the chance to share their interests or objects from their travels by setting aside a couple of minutes for a friendly round. Not only will you gain insight into your employees’ or students’ interests, but you’ll also give them a chance to grow personal connections.

Test Your General Knowledge

A good game of trivia can get the creative and competitive juices flowing, be it an online classroom or webinar. Group colleagues and classmates into teams and set a few incentives or prizes to add an edge. These teams can communicate by sending direct messages via the virtual conferencing platform or on a chat group. 

If you’re up for the challenge and want to add a personal touch, you can write your own trivia questions or visit 101 Best Trivia Questions for inspiration.

Celebrate Happy Hour 

Finally, who can say no to a good old-fashioned happy hour? You don’t need to restrict this definition to alcoholic beverages but rather think of it as a gentle encouragement to socialize after work or lecture hours. Put on a funky virtual conferencing background, assign a DJ, and give away virtual treats, like vouchers or gift cards. This can flow into an interactive online game, especially for a virtual year-end function, or casual chats as you let people be people. 

Time for an Alternative Video Conferencing Experience? 

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