Conference cameras certainly tower above other video conferencing solutions. Their exceptional video quality and smart technology solidify their place as the top choice for professional and educational environments. Not only can the ultimate video conferencing solution streamline virtual meetings, it can strengthen your brand image. Read on to find out why! 

4 Reasons a Conference Camera is Best for Business

Various devices can record and stream video imagery online, which can make distinguishing between the options difficult. Fortunately, a glance at their features simplifies the process. Here are the four top attributes that elevate conference cameras from the rest: 

1. Superior Video Quality

With video resolutions ranging from 320×240 to Full HD 1920×1080, conference cameras certainly provide the best image quality compared to built-in cameras and webcams. It’s important to note that the latter can also capture Full HD video but on an individual scale.  

2. Premium Microphone 

Directional microphones provide exceptional sound quality while reducing background noise and echo. Yet, the most impressive aspect of the conference camera’s mic is its ability to detect a speaker and signal the camera to pan and zoom or focus on them. Some of the best devices come with separate speakerphones that enhance the output quality in a large hall. 

3. Wide Field of View (FOV)

The FOV of conference cameras range from 80-180°, exceeding the recording window of built-in cameras and webcams. Most popular devices feature a 120° FOV which will comfortably fit a meeting room. Top tier conference cameras can capture a large conference as they pan and zoom automatically. 

4. Meeting Collaboration Apps

Conference cameras are not only compatible with a range of convenient apps, but can come with free access to software and some apps. These can include PTZApp and EZLive. The first lets the user answer and hang up remotely, control the camera, adjust the image, and diagnose the operating status. Whereas EZLive enables real-time annotating, screenshots, streaming and recording. 

How to Set the Stage for Success

Creating a professional atmosphere is a small but vital step to success in business. We react to visual stimulation, so much so that it can impact opinions and decision making. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your company image is always professional. Equipping the meeting room with a conference camera is great but even more valuable when the camera can record an impressive office.

  • Organise the Room

An impractical office affects a company’s image. When a workspace is ill-designed, untidy and barely visible due to low stream quality or distortion, clients may question a company’s capabilities and work ethic. Rather stick to virtual conference dos: ensure the meeting room is organised, minimally yet well-furnished, sufficiently lit and has enough space for those who will physically attend the meeting. 

  • Position the Conference Camera

When considering the conference camera’s placement, be mindful that its wide-angle lens and microphone pick up detail and sound from a minimum working distance of 0,8m. Ideally, the camera must sit directly above the display. This way, it will look like you are looking into the camera when looking at the screen. 

  • Test Audio and Visuals 

Troubleshoot your equipment before a meeting and acquaint yourself with the camera’s functions, settings and accompanying apps. The latter can greatly improve the virtual conference experience. You may also find that slight adjustments to furniture or lighting are necessary.  

Interested in Stepping Up with a Conference Camera?

If you want to improve your professional presence with conference cameras but are unsure about where to start, contact a brand you can trust. PPM offers a range of superior video conferencing devices for corporate and educational environments. Browse our conference camera catalogue or contact us for assistance.