Thankfully now, with a new year upon us, many learners throughout the country are starting to return to the classroom. It is fair to say that the past two years have been challenging for students and teachers alike. Most educational institutions have had to adapt in many ways to accommodate students during these turbulent times. Virtual classes and online sessions have become the new norm and schools have made use of these facilities with great success. The lack of physical interaction challenges educators to continuously find ways of keeping a class captivated. One piece of equipment that can help to keep students more engaged online as well as in the classroom is a visualiser for schools

One of the biggest challenges faced by educators during the pandemic was keeping students engaged throughout online sessions. This problem is not limited to online sessions and students can become distracted in a classroom just as easily if they are not interested in a presentation. Educators have had to adapt the way they present their material in the classroom as well to provide a more interactive experience for students. A visualiser for schools is a device that is able to capture documents and objects and project them in real-time to students. This enables an educator to present material to the class in a way that they can see clearly and allows them to control the pace of the lesson.

A visualiser for schools is a tool that seeks to create a more engaging experience in the classroom by generating a live video feed of an educator’s point of view. Teachers are able to project demonstrations, images and documents clearly with the use of a visualiser, allowing students to follow along from wherever they are. AVer visualisers come equipped with a range of functions. Presenters can make use of the zoom function to focus on something, while the ability to capture live video can further improve the quality of your presentations.

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