Teacher: J. Marais

from Primêre Skool Parys

“It is an absolute pleasure for me to speak about the use of the visualizer, as an educational resource within my classroom.

I am currently an Afrikaans and Technology Teacher for Grade 7 learners at Primêre Skool Parys in South Africa. With the use of visualizers for teaching Afrikaans and technology, I can really see a difference in the effectiveness of teaching. Learners with learning disabilities who have previously stayed behind in writing off answers, spelling, word order, time forms, etc. is now given the opportunity to see and correct the exact/correct answers.

Even when I especially teach graphic communication in technology, the visualizer comes in handy. The fact that drawings can be explained step-by-step with the visualizer makes it so much more efficient and effective.

We are currently living in a ‘screen’ world where learners are not only stimulated by just hearing, but wanting to experience visual stimulation. The visualizer is definitely an answer to the limitation. I regard the visualizer as an indispensable education resource and would like to recommend it to any person who wants to teach more effectively in the modern era.”