AVer webcamThis year the business world saw a massive transformation, specifically the shift from office working to at-home working. Many have found the change convenient, while others struggle to adjust. Whichever category you find yourself in, you will know that working remotely is possible thanks to technology. Webcams, in particular, let us create a virtual office anywhere in the world. So, today we explore the ways webcams assist the professional home-work environment. 

1. Connects You to Clients and Colleagues 

Webcams can improve your ability to communicate and collaborate, especially when paired with a stable internet connection. No more pixelated screens, blurs or stuttering images. These compact, plug-in cameras enable video conferencing, virtual meetings and team collaboration – even experts from across the world can have live brainstorm sessions form their projects. 

2. Records Video Content or Live Stream

Thanks to the versatility of a webcam’s design, you can create video content for any goal, from webinars to classes, tutorials and vlogs. More importantly, once plugged in, you can set up your web camera wherever you need and rotate the angle as you see fit. This function makes streaming or recording content much easier and of a higher quality than via a laptop’s camera. 

3. Enables Instruction for Distance Learning and Teaching

Webcams are essential to the new world of teaching and distance learning. For starters, recording lectures, tutorials or hosting an online study group is made easy with a webcam. Not only can students interact with professors or tutors on a more direct level, but educators can also keep track of their classes by monitoring attendance. During a live class, lecturers can draw diagrams or make notes as they would in a traditional lecture hall. 

4. Improves Video Feed 

Even laptops that come with internal cameras can benefit from external web cameras. Thanks to high-quality sensors and optics, webcams can work in lower light than built-in cameras, while maintaining improved colour quality. Additionally, plug-in options provide great depth of field and wide view, fluid motion, and some also offer autofocus.

5. Enhanced Security 

Forego traditional passwords with the advanced technology of webcams and facial recognition. In this way, you can protect all your virtual business assets without a worry. But that’s only one aspect of the improved security, and another is tangible. A webcam with a privacy shutter, for instance, blocks unwanted recording of images, whether accidental or through malicious spyware. 

6. Encourages an Office Environment

Wherever you choose to work remotely, having a webcam encourages more of an office atmosphere. Not only would you need to uphold professional standards for business meetings, but you will also have to dress for the part which subconsciously motivates you to be productive. Working from home can be tricky, especially if you’re not big on self-motivating. That’s why it’s vital to stick to productivity tips that keep work mode up and running.

Considering an External Webcam? 

If you want to improve your virtual office, but are feeling unsure as to where to start, invest in a brand you can trust. PPM Audio Visual offers a range of audiovisual solutions for corporate and educational environments. Browse our webcams online or get in touch for assistance on finding yours.