Zoom Video Communications has become something of a household name and it is difficult to find an individual who is not familiar with the company’s video conferencing software. Since it was founded a decade ago, Zoom has seen an incredible rise in popularity amongst companies and individual users alike. The application is used to simplify electronic communication and incorporates a live video feed to further enhance the teleconferencing experience. The platform is able to support up to a thousand participants at once and is able to host meetings for up to 30 hours. The ease of access and range of functions has made Zoom a top contender in the communications industry, with the company seeing a dramatic increase in the number of users on the platform in recent years. 

With advancements in software technology, it is only natural that the hardware should follow suit. The Zoom Hardware Certified Program is an initiative that seeks to incorporate Zoom software into video conferencing hardware to simplify your setup and create a seamless communication experience. Zoom Certified Cameras have been extensively tested and reviewed by the company to ensure that users are getting the best experience possible on the platform when using these devices. The Zoom Certified badge indicates that the video and audio capabilities of these cameras have been tested for Zoom Rooms functionality and have been found to meet the highest standard of performance. 

Zoom Certified cameras are extremely easy to set up and require no additional software installation to integrate with the application. A simple USB connection is all that is needed to link the camera to a server. These cameras can be controlled via the Zoom Rooms application, allowing the user the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera from a distance during a meeting. The application also allows you to load presets for Zoom Certified cameras in order to accommodate different room layouts and a varying number of participants. The integration of the Zoom application into the hardware itself seeks to truly streamline video conferencing like never before.

At PPM Audio Visual, we stock a wide range of Zoom Certified cameras to meet the needs of our customers.  No matter the size of the room or the number of people participating, we will provide you with a camera that suits you or your business.  Feel free to browse our website or contact us today for more information regarding our range of products.