An interactive screen is an intelligent device that has the ability to respond to touch and allows for more interactive and engaging lessons and meetings. Compared to a standard display, an interactive screen makes it easier for participants to understand and retain the information that is being presented as they have the opportunity to directly engage with the materials on the screen.

Interactive screens are designed to be simple and intuitive to operate, and given the prevalence of touchscreen phones nowadays, most people will be able to operate them without any training. This device can be connected to a computer or used on its own and the built-in web browser allows users to explore the vast expanse of the internet with ease. Whether you are using it as an educational tool for students or to enhance your conferences and meetings, an interactive screen promises to boost productivity and capture the attention of your audience.

Interactive Screen Capabilities

The interactive whiteboard function allows teachers to write and draw on a large screen and students are able to participate in the same way. After your presentation has wrapped up, you can open the floor for brainstorming, allowing participants to pen their own insights down on the screen. Not only does this improve collaboration but it helps you to convey all this information in real-time, and in a way that is often more memorable. Annotations can be made at any time and in different colours, but the presenter remains in control at all times and has the ability to freeze the screen whenever they choose to.

Commbox classic touch screens are equipped with a variety of educational tools that are specifically designed with teachers in mind. The split-screen function makes it possible for more than one participant to share their ideas at the same time and you can even take a screenshot of your work to use at a later stage. You can also upload any of this information directly to the Cloud and share it with your students via Google Drive or Onedrive.

The CommBox home screen and side menu are always just one click away and it is exceedingly simple to switch between different windows. For example, you easily can jump from your presentation to the internet browser if you need to fact-check something and get right back into the presentation afterwards. Teachers will be able to access various teaching applications from the toolbar, such as Canvas or Blackboard, that they should already be familiar with and new applications can be installed to further increase their capabilities.

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