Picture this dilemma: you’ve got a big presentation coming up soon and you need to impress your audience. The problem is, you have information that needs to be presented on a whiteboard, with half of your guests attending online and the other half being there with you in person. How will you ensure that everyone is able to see all the information and engage with your presentation? Don’t worry, a content camera is the perfect tool to remedy this situation!

A content camera is specially designed to enable presenters to share content on an analogue whiteboard or an interactive flat-panel display (IFP) with guests online. The device is attached to an extendable arm that can be mounted on top of a whiteboard. This positioning makes it easier to capture the presenter and the information on the board at the same time and helps to keep obstructions out of the camera’s field of view.

Content Camera Features

A large field of view makes content cameras perfect for capturing a lot of information on a whiteboard or IFP display. These devices feature high-quality video capturing and digital zoom capabilities to allow you to reveal the finer details in your presentation.

One of the most innovative features of a content camera is the ability to make presenters translucent if they obstruct the information on the board with their bodies. Using intelligent image-processing software, the device is able to project the information on the whiteboard to remote participants even if a presenter is standing in front of it.

Content cameras do not compromise on quality and come equipped with a flicker reduction function that seeks to eliminate black flickers that commonly appear when recording IFP displays. The device also has an automatic reframing function that helps to centre the information on a whiteboard and levels the angle if the camera is slightly tilted.

If you are simply having a normal video conference a content camera has you covered as well! The camera can be rotated to face the presenter and easily performs the function of a standard webcam. These devices are easy to set up and you do not require any technical expertise.

The Aver CAM130 content camera is certified for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business to enhance the conferencing experience for presenters and audiences alike. This device is ideal for all of your virtual communications and promises to make your virtual conferences more engaging.

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