Live video streaming has enabled individuals from around the world to connect with one another at the touch of a button. This has also had a profound impact on online education, enabling educators to connect with their students from the comfort of their homes or even in a remote classroom. If presenters only have a fixed camera at their disposal it can be quite challenging to switch between the presenter and the materials they are presenting. Especially if they are trying to record and display information detailed in a book or on paper documents. A document camera is a device that was designed with educators in mind and seeks to address this very problem by simplifying the way we capture and broadcast documents and books. 

Document Camera Capabilities

A document camera is specially designed to capture images and record high-definition videos of objects, books and documents. The camera lens on a document camera is mounted on a movable mechanic arm that can be adjusted to record documents from a top-down view. Presenters can display the image on a screen or stream it to the audience, allowing them to get a close-up view of the material that is being used. This can help educators to provide a more engaging classroom experience, especially for online students who will feel like they have the book in front of them on their screens. 

Document cameras are however not limited to capturing books and documents. The device can also be focused on the presenter and may be used in the place of a standard webcam. By focusing the camera on the presenter’s hands they are able to broadcast practical experiments that would have been otherwise difficult to capture. AVer document cameras are exceedingly simple to set up and they require only a USB connection to link with a computer. These devices are also equipped with innovative curve-flattening technology that automatically rectifies the contours of a book to make it appear as if a standard document is being recorded.    

If you feel like you are wasting too much time finding the perfect camera angle during presentations an AVer document camera could be the answer to your problems! AVer is an industry leader and a trusted name throughout the world in conferencing equipment. PPM Audio-Visual is a proud supplier of AVer products in South Africa, and we stock a wide range of equipment to help you make your online interactions more streamlined and engaging. Contact PPM Audio-Visual today and get more information on any of our products or feel free to browse our website.