When you are preparing for a presentation there are a lot of things that you need to consider. The type of audio-visual equipment needed will be largely dependent on the size of the room and the number of attendants at the presentation. An educator that is delivering a presentation to hundreds of students in a large auditorium will most likely require more sophisticated equipment than an individual who is conducting an online meeting with only one other person. AVer auto-tracking cameras provide a unique opportunity for those users that wish to simplify and streamline the recording, streaming and broadcasting of their presentations.

Capabilities of Auto-Tracking Cameras

Presenters and educators often move around when interacting with an audience as this generally makes for a more engaging experience. Sometimes it is necessary to shift your position if you are using a screen or a whiteboard as a part of the presentation. Capturing this movement on camera might sound simple enough, but if you wish to seamlessly track an individual’s movement around a room you will most likely require some assistance. AVer auto-tracking cameras are equipped with an AI auto-tracking function that uses an automatic tracking algorithm to track an individual’s movement. The high-resolution camera is able to keep presenters centered within the frame with pinpoint accuracy while recording or broadcasting.

AVer auto-tracking cameras are the perfect solution for the video capturing and conferencing needs of establishments such as businesses, medical facilities and educational institutions. These devices can eliminate the need for a camera operator and enable users to conduct conferences without the need for extensive planning. Auto-tracking cameras can save you time and money and improve the overall quality of your presentation. AVer’s innovative AI tracking technology uses image analysis and facial recognition to follow individuals as they move about the conference room.

A number of these auto-tracking cameras are equipped with a gesture control function that allows users to communicate with the device using simple gestures. By using various hand gestures, users are able to turn the auto-tracking function on and off and swap the focus of the camera between different presenters. Gesture control can also be used to switch from a full body view of an individual to only capturing and tracking their upper body.

Gone are the days when you need to constantly adjust your camera to find the perfect angle! PPM Audio-Visual stocks a range of AVer auto-tracking cameras with incredible capabilities. These devices deliver stunning visuals and are the perfect partners for any size conference room. Contact us today for more information about our product range and prices or browse our website to view our wide range of quality devices.