Whether you are presenting in front of a crowd, sharing your ideas during a work conference, or conducting online teaching sessions, you need to make use of technology if you wish to improve your presentations. A plain whiteboard and a few coloured markers simply won’t cut it if you wish to dazzle today’s audiences. This is especially true when you are dealing with younger generations that are constantly bombarded with visual and audio stimuli. By integrating a visualiser presenter into your demonstrations you could give yourself a fighting chance to grab your attendees’ attention.

Visualiser presenters are versatile recording devices that can significantly enhance the way you present materials. Packed full of features and designed to be cost-effective, the device affords the user more flexibility than stationary cameras are able to. Equipped with a movable arm, users are able to manipulate the angle of the camera enabling you to capture documents from a top-down view. Users are also able to zoom in on certain areas and scan through these sections using a remote controller, allowing for a more detailed view of materials.

Visualiser presenters are simple to set up, requiring only a USB connection to communicate with a computer. In certain devices, the camera itself is held in a housing that is separate from the body, allowing the camera to rotate independently. This increases the range of motion and also means that you are able to capture presenters as easily as documents and objects.

Visualiser presenter cameras can capture stunningly clear images and videos in full HD and certain devices also have built-in microphones that capture audio in the room. Equipped with cameras that boast a large shooting area, these devices are perfect for presentations that require the display of large objects.
An HDMI connection allows you to connect a visualiser to an external display, enabling the user to project everything they are recording onto larger screens, making it the perfect companion for conferences and events.

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