Are you tired of your team huddling around a tiny screen like during virtual meetings? It’s time to say goodbye to the struggles of blurry images, muffled audio and awkward framing. Transform the way your team collaborates and communicates with a game-changing solution that will revolutionise your conference calls – a professional conference camera! Let’s dive into the advantages that an expert-level conferencing system has in store for your business!

Picture-Perfect Clarity in Any Room Size

One of the most exciting features of this camera is its ability to adapt like a chameleon to any meeting space, whether it’s a cosy team huddle or a grand boardroom. Armed with a Sony Super-Low-Light 2M Pixel Sensor, the AVer VC520 pro2 performs perfectly even in poor lighting conditions. Delivering crystal-clear imaging that makes everyone look like a superstar! Now there’s no more worrying about dimly lit corners or squinting to recognize a colleague’s face on the screen.

Experience Every Detail

Do you want to rock the stage with your impressive product demos? This conference camera offers an outstanding 24X total zoom (12X optical zoom), allowing you to showcase every intricate detail in your presentations. Whether it’s the tiniest screws in your latest gadget or the finer details on an important document, the zoom function allows users to capture it all in jaw-dropping clarity.

Audio Performance That Hits All the Right Notes

Say goodbye to crackling noises and echoes. The option to add an extended speakerphone solution elevates your audio to new heights. Picture this: a full duplex microphone array with advanced noise suppression, dual-omnidirectional microphones and a powerful 6W speaker to top it off. Now you never have to miss another word!

The AVer VC520 professional conferencing camera is also the first conferencing system in the industry to introduce a daisy-chain function for speakers. This means you can expand the system with up to two expansion speakerphones. So whether it’s a small brainstorming session or a company-wide meeting, this compact speakerphone has got your back!

Simplified Setups Save Time

No more fumbling with a labyrinth of cables like an adventure-seeking archaeologist. This system brings you the magic of a single USB installation. One cable is all it takes to set up your dream conference room. Save time and keep your boardroom table tidy at the same time with an expert solution.

The Genius of Smart Framing

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been the person who got cut off during a video conference. Soon this too will be a thing of the past thanks to Aver’s cutting-edge SmartFrame function. This technology automatically adjusts the field of view to ensure all participants are beautifully framed, even those seated up to 7 meters away! Ensure that all of your participants are seen and that the camera is professionally centred, all with a click.

Explore New Avenues with Livestreaming

Your business might have exciting news to share, and the world is eagerly waiting! Luckily, the AVer VC520 professional conference camera has got you covered, bringing you stable live streaming in glorious 1080p at 60fps. Whether it’s addressing your team or unveiling your latest product to the world, now you can share your real-time happenings in high definition!

A conference camera is your ticket to smoother, crisper and more engaging virtual interactions. Order the AVer VC520 Pro2 online today, or contact our team of consultants at PPM Audio Visual for more information. Upgrade your conferencing equipment today to experience the benefits for yourself!