Thanks to the marvels of technology, we’re stepping into a new era of seamless and smart presentations. It’s time to get rid of the cables and embrace the fluidity of wireless presentation systems – your ticket to hassle-free virtual conferencing. Get ready to revolutionise the way you present and share ideas, and join us as we continue to bridge the gap between presenter and audience.

The Wonders of Wireless Presentations

Picture this: you’re about to start your presentation, brimming with ideas and ready to dazzle the audience. But, oh no! The cables won’t cooperate, and your laptop seems determined to play hide-and-seek with the projector. Enter the ASTROS Wireless Presentation System, the knight in shining armour for presenters in distress. This system is designed to transform your presentation woes into wonders, offering a simplified, wireless connection between your laptop and your conferencing equipment.

The ASTROS wireless presentation system has two key components at its core: the ASTROS Pod and the ASTROS Station. The ASTROS Pod is a compact device that allows you to share your laptop screen without the hassle of software installation. It’s a plug-and-play wonder that transforms your ideas into captivating visuals on the big screen. Then there is the ASTROS Station: the central hub that brings your presentations to life and grants you access to a range of collaboration features. Join us as we delve deeper and explore the different parts of this marvellous system.

Wireless Presentation systems

The ASTROS Pod: Your Presentation Partner

Meet the ASTROS Pod – with this nifty device, sharing your laptop screen is as easy as can be. No software installations, no complicated setups, just pure plug-and-play magic. Imagine you’re at a small conference, and you’re eager to share your insights with the crowd Simply plug the ASTROS Pod into your laptop, and watch as your screen appears on the conference monitors for all to see. Now your ideas can take centre stage in an instant, whenever the need arises.

ASTROS embodies the essence of BYOM (bring your own meeting). To host a meeting, you need only plug in your ASTROS Pod, and watch as the room display, camera and audio become an extension of your laptop. It’s the future of collaboration, where the physical and virtual worlds come together in perfect harmony.

The ASTROS Station: Collaborative Conferencing

Now, let’s meet the heart of this wireless presentation system – the ASTROS Station. This device is the gateway to advanced collaboration with all of your virtual conferencing peripherals. The AS-201 variant offers a full spectrum of collaborative features and all the essentials you need to kick-start your wireless meetings. Think of the ASTROS Station as a conductor orchestrating a symphony, combining all of those features that elevate your presentations to the next level.

Complete Control with The ASTROS App

The ASTROS App gives you the power to steer your presentation like a captain navigating through familiar waters. The application allows you to control your presentation, view it on different devices and even share it across multiple screens. Whether you’re in a meeting or at a conference, the ASTROS app turns you into the ultimate maestro of your content.

ASTROS Manager

ASTROS Manager functions as the command centre, giving you control over multiple ASTROS Stations. The initial step involves deploying ASTROS Manager on an on-premises server. Then, all your Stations are registered on the ASTROS Manager, incorporating them into your network. Now you can easily control, configure and observe your Stations via a web browser. Naturally, being able to oversee all of the deployed Stations at once simplifies the management process. Whether it’s updating firmware or changing settings, ASTROS Manager simplifies the management of your wireless presentation infrastructure.

Wireless Presentation systems


The Benefits of a Wireless Presentation System

Ease of Use

Say goodbye to complicated setups and confusing configurations. With ASTROS, it’s all about one-click sharing and an intuitive user interface that even the less technologically inclined could master.

Loads of Sharing Options

Whether you’re a fan of Google Cast or an AirPlay enthusiast, ASTROS has you covered. Share your mobile screen with finesse or use a browser to display your laptop’s content – it’s all about versatility and simplicity.

Control at Your Fingertips

The Web-Based Moderation function makes it possible to monitor crucial components of the system, regardless of your physical location. Using web-based Moderation, administrators will be able to see who is connected to the ASTROS Station, and even preview any connected user’s screen. This not only amplifies the efficiency of your exchanges but also extends your reach across the internet.

4K Visuals

Let your ideas shine with clarity. ASTROS wireless presentation systems support true 4K displays, ensuring your visuals are more dazzling than ever. Whether you’re showcasing intricate details, high-resolution images or engaging videos, the 4K support ensures that every pixel has an opportunity to shine.

Security and Privacy

In a world where privacy is paramount, ASTROS steps up with encrypted data transmission and gatekeeper features to put your concerns to bed. This advanced level of encryption is like a digital fortress, safeguarding your sensitive content from prying eyes and potential breaches.


ASTROS wireless presentation systems stand as a beacon of innovation and simplicity. With the entire suite by your side, you’re ready and well-equipped to take your virtual conferences to new heights.

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